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Angela Stueber
True Health Acupuncture

Address: 1481 W Warm Springs Rd #129, Henderson, NV 89014  

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I was on track to either apply for Physician assisting school or Medical school when I changed my path to Chinese Medicine. I had always been interested in health, fitness, nutrition and herbs but just was not sure how I could incorporate that into a career. I was volunteering at the time at a kidney dialysis center, when I saw first-hand the dramatic and measurable improvements acupuncture had on a patient’s kidney function. I couldn’t help but start looking into acupuncture.

I started reading about acupuncture, the five elements, how people were restoring health through natural sources and not chemical man made pharmaceutical. I couldn’t get enough of natural medicine. After that, I hurried up and finished my Bachelor's degree and enrolled in one of the leading academic colleges for natural health. At Bastyr University, in Seattle, Washington I spent the next 4 years learning the art and science of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.