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Matthew Norick
Matthew Norick Acupuncture

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As a father I know how hard it is to see your children sick. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a little sniffle or debilitating chronic disease, I use a wide variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities (much more than just acupuncture). I am a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner that is well versed in the following:

Pediatric Acupuncture
Non-Needing Acupuncture (such as turning fork acupressure and manual acupressure)
Traditional Chinese Infant/ Pediatric Massage (Xiao Er Tui Na)
Japanese Magnetic Therapy
Ear Seeds
Traditional Chinese Food Cures
Dietary/ Supplements advice
Qi Gong/ exercise recommendations
Lifestyle advice
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Many of these modalities are used at once to bring about a powerful result= a healthier child!

Matthew Norick is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Registered Acupuncturist. He is a pediatric acupuncturist with a full time practice out of Head to Heal Family Wellness Centre & Wholistic Dispensary in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. With a four year diploma in Oriental Medicine and extensive study in Asia, Matthew is passionate about educating the public about the many benefits of Chinese Medicine. As a new father he believes in offering effective accessible wholistic medicine for the whole family.

Matthew offers free Traditional Chinese Infant/ Pediatric Massage (Xiao Er Tui Na) group sessions at the Regina Early Learning Family Centre (link). He also founded Regina Community Acupuncture (link) which is family focused and allows families to receive affordable acupuncture treatments all together in the same space!

Matthew Norick has years of experience in working with children which go back to his research in children’s cognitive psychology and work with children with exceptionalities. Matthew considers himself a Classical Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner that draws on, and frequently modifies and customizes, some of the oldest pediatric herbal formulas from the books Craft of Medicines and Patterns for Children (1119AD) and Synopsis for Protecting Infants (1555AD). Matthew frequently uses Five Element acupuncture to treat children’s constitutional imbalances.